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Vignette Crit’Air: A Guide to the 6 different Vehicle Emissions Labels in France

by | May 20, 2023 | Daily life

In this article about Vignette Crit’Air

France launched the Vignette Crit’Air system in 2017 as a comprehensive strategy to combat air pollution and safeguard the environment and public health. This innovative initiative employs a categorisation system that classifies vehicles based on their pollution levels, regulating their access to specific areas. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Vignette Crit’Air, exploring its functionality and elucidating its significance in the ongoing battle against air pollution.

What are the Vignette Crit’Air labels?

At its core, the Vignette Crit’Air system aims to evaluate vehicles according to their pollution output. Each vehicle is assigned a colour-coded sticker corresponding to its pollution level, with each hue denoting a distinct emission standard. To obtain a Crit’Air sticker, individuals must apply to the French authorities, providing comprehensive details about their vehicles, including license plate number, fuel type, and Euro emission standard.

How do I get my Vignette Crit’Air sticker?

The application process for the Vignette Crit’Air is simple and can be done online. Simply visit the official website ( and  you can order yours. Currently the stickers costs €3.77 per vehicle (€3.11 for the vignette + €0.66 for shipping).

Once approved, you will receive your coloured sticker. It should be prominently displayed on your vehicle’s windshield or another visible location. The colour of the sticker serves as a visual indicator of the vehicle’s pollution level, ranging from green (indicating the cleanest) to dark grey (representing the most polluting).

Colour categories and different labels

The Crit’Air system comprises six categories, labeled from Crit’Air 0 to Crit’Air 5. These categories are determined based on the vehicle’s registration year and its Euro emission standard.

Crit’Air 0, represented by a green label, is reserved for electric and hydrogen vehicles producing no emissions.

In contrast, Crit’Air 5 encompasses older vehicles failing to meet Euro emission standards or those without any classification.

It’s important to note that specific rules and restrictions may vary across different cities and regions in France, based on the Crit’Air classification, encompassing low-emission zones and limitations on vehicle access.

Why the Vignette Crit’Air was introduced

The significance of the Vignette Crit’Air system lies in its multifaceted approach.

Firstly, it plays a pivotal role in identifying and discouraging the use of highly polluting vehicles in urban areas, where air quality is a pressing concern. By restricting access to certain zones and imposing penalties, the Crit’Air system incentivises the adoption of cleaner and more environmentally friendly transportation options.

Secondly, the Crit’Air system actively encourages the embrace of greener technologies by providing incentives for low-emission vehicles. Crit’Air 0 labeled electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles enjoy privileges such as priority parking, access to restricted areas, and even certain tax benefits.

Lastly, the Vignette Crit’Air serves as a catalyst for raising awareness about vehicle emissions and their detrimental impact on air quality and public health. It serves as a constant reminder to vehicle owners and the general public about the imperative to reduce pollution and opt for cleaner transportation alternatives.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Vignette Crit’Air system stands as a crucial tool in France’s concerted efforts to combat air pollution and promote sustainable transportation. By categorising vehicles based on their pollution levels and implementing specific regulations and incentives, the Crit’Air system actively contributes to the enhancement of air quality in urban centers.

This model can potentially serve as an exemplar for other nations seeking to enact effective vehicle emissions policies, fostering a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

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